Auchnafree is full of history, with previous inhabitants of this magical place including the Neolithic Man, the Picts and Romans. In 1896, Auchnafree found its way into the care of the Whitaker family, and here it remains to the present day.

Originally it was used as a sheep farm and sporting grouse moor; today far more varied and diverse activities take place including forestry, renewables and holiday accommodation.


The wildlife and flora at Auchnafree are sensitively managed by our shepherds and gamekeepers.

Through the spring and early summer months you will hear the calls and song of an array of moorland birds. From Red Grouse that remain high on our heather moorland, our Black Grouse that display at their Leks in early morning, to the returning waders that come to nest on the banks of the river year after year. Curlew, Lapwing, Oystercatcher, and Snipe are just a few to name.

The snow-coated landscape of the winter months is exceptionally stunning, and a fantastic time to see wild red deer as well the Blue Mountain Hare in its winter coat. You may even spy a Golden Eagle, a sight not to be missed.

As well as wildlife, Auchnafree boasts a stunning array of flora. From the glorious purple carpet of heather on the hills to threatened, red-listed and specialist plant species including sphagnum mosses, cross-leaved heath and bilberry, all of these flourish in the conditions created by habitat and wildlife management. There is no better place to spy it all than from the top of Ben Chonzie, the Munro of Auchnafree and designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Auchnafree is part of The Tayside and Central Scotland Moorland Group (TCSMG) which is a collection of rural estates throughout Tayside. TCSMG demonstrates the work that is undertaken to manage and protect our countryside. Head over to their facebook page ( to see some of the amazing wildlife present on our Moorlands.

Public Access

Auchnafree welcomes responsible Public Access. Details about responsible access can be found at (Outdoor Access Code). Auchnafree is a working sheep farm and managed moorland. At certain times of the year we will be gathering sheep on the hills, lambing and managing the deer herd. There are also a wide variety of red listed ground nesting birds on Auchnafree.

During lambing we will have sheep in fields along the glen road and we ask that you keep dogs under strict control – this is from April to May. Ground nesting birds are especially vulnerable during May and disturbance should be kept to a minimum to protect these rare birds. The management of the deer herd is particularly active from September to February. If you are planning a hill walk and would like to check what is going on please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The farm track from Newton Bridge is a private road and public access with vehicles is limited to authorised individuals and guests only.

Those intending to bring their own vehicle should be aware of the track conditions on the final approach to Auchnafree Estate. We are situated 5 miles away from the nearest tarmac road and, although not always necessary, we recommend a higher clearance 4 x 4 vehicle.