Public Access

Auchnafree welcomes responsible Public Access. Details about responsible access can be found at (Outdoor Access Code). Auchnafree is a working sheep farm and managed moorland. At certain times of the year we will be gathering sheep on the hills, lambing and managing the deer herd. There are also a wide variety of red listed ground nesting birds on Auchnafree.

During lambing we will have sheep in fields along the glen road and we ask that you keep dogs under strict control – this is from April to May. Ground nesting birds are especially vulnerable during May and disturbance should be kept to a minimum to protect these rare birds. The management of the deer herd is particularly active from September to February. If you are planning a hill walk and would like to check what is going on please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The farm track from Newton Bridge is a private road and public access with vehicles is limited to authorised individuals and guests only.

Those intending to bring their own vehicle should be aware of the track conditions on the final approach to Auchnafree Estate. We are situated 5 miles away from the nearest tarmac road and, although not always necessary, we recommend a higher clearance 4 x 4 vehicle.